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Jio introduces new plans with up to 100% cashback


Jio came with another superb plan by offering 100% cashback if users exchange old dongle, routers, or data cards of other service providers with Jio’s. This offer comes in 2 plans. One is a 100% cashback with exchange of these in any Jio store or give free 4G data wort 2010 rupees. Customer has to pay 1999 to get Jio router.

Along with that, one has to recharge with 408 rupees under 309 plan with 99 rupees prime membership. When the 2010 rupee data is subtracted from 1999 paid by the customer, the internet is almost free. in the second plan, customer need not exchange their data devices. When recharged with 408, it has the same plan of 1999 but has the data worth only 1005 rupees.

Director arrested for misdeeds in friend’s house

A director who took his friend’s house on rent changed into a den for women. Charged with doing antisocial activities there, Prakhyat the director of Katriguppa Cutting Shop was arrested in Bangalore. He took the house of his friend Purushottam on rent sometime back.

He was accused of bringing girls in the pretext auditions and is causing disturbance to the neighbors. His friend who found that Prakhyant is doing illegal activities in the name of auditions warned his friend to vacate the house and mend his ways but the director in turn warned his friend with a few goons. After registering case on the complaint of the victim, police arrested Prakhyat.

Beauty tips

Face packs are the ones that can give the jaded face from sunlight exposure in the summer a relief. Here are some tips.

• Wash the face with cold water after packing it with potato keeping it for half an hour.
• Apply fresh sweet lemon juice to the face and massage it, wash it after it gets dry. This acts a good skin toner.
• Make a paste of 2 almonds soaked in water the whole night and add 1 spoon honey and lemon and apply to the face. Wash it after 15 minutes.

Uses of guava

Guava is a great medicine for constipation and more nutritious than apple. Here are some of its benefits.

• Regular intake of guava keeps the body weight in control as it has more fiber and less sugar.
• It is very good for eyes as it has abundant quantities of vitamin A.
• Antioxidants present in it fight against many cancer, particularly prostate and breast.
• This is also a good food for scurvy disease as it has good amounts of vitamin C.
• Guava is a good medicine for thyroid disorders.
• Regular intake of guava keeps the brain sharper as it has good quantities of vitamin B6, B3 that are very important for neurotransmission in brain.
• Not only fighting cholesterol in the body, guava acts against hypertension. people consuming guava are less prone to gum and teeth problems.


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