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Ganguly snubs Dhoni


Senior cricketer Saurav Ganguly gave another shock to former captain Dhoni. Ganguly’s IPL team has no place for Dhoni but instead has place for young wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant. Ganguly a few days back indirectly commented that Dhoni has no steam left for T20s. He said that though there is not a doubt that Dhoni is the champion of ODI, he has not done much in T20s over the last 10 years. His comments attracted criticism but he did not care. Former Australian player Clark’s IPL team also did not have place for Dhoni who has been on the wrong side of the career with not much to show in terms of performance recently.

Man teachers cheating girlfriend a lesson

Generally, when anyone finds the partner cheating and caught redhanded, there is a shock reaction but not Dustin Halloway who chose a different way.

Dustin saw his girlfriend sleeping with another person. Instead of screaming at her, he silently took out his phone and took selfies with his girlfriend and the man she is sleeping with while they were sleeping. He tagged the photos “found girlfriend sleeping with another person at home” and posted them in social media. These pictures became viral and netizens are saying Dustin taught the right lesson to the cheating girlfriend.

100 women trafficked illegally

In what can be termed as a heinous incident, at least hundred girls, all between 14 and 16 have been trafficked illegally out of the country, that too Paris, in the behest of good career. Mumbai Crime Branch found out that the traffickers took advantage of family situation and promised better living for the family.

Police arrested Sunil Nandwani and Narsaiah Manjali after they found their numbers through investigation. Police say that these two tried to send at least 8 minors to Paris but couldn’t as they did not get visas. The 14 to 16 year olds will be kept in Paris till they get 18 and apply French citizenship. A cameraman Arif Farooqi and his assistant Rajesh Pawar as well as Fatima Farid were also taken into custody.

On the tip-off that 4 minors have been illegally sent out of country, police raided international airport and arrested. Police say that this is a big network and a Punjab-based person is the kingpin and that all the 4 minors taken into custody are from Punjab.

Woman gangraped by 6 men

In another grave incident in Delhi, a daily labor was gangraped by 6 men in Bilaspur after taking her promising a good job. Medical tests were conducted after she complained to the police about the incident. She apparently knows one of the perpetrators Kalluram.

“He apparently told me that there is a good job and called her to meet at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. I believed him and went from Gurgaon to Manesar and reached there by 7. He said that supervisor will come and pick me up. Later, a person who said he was the supervisor took me on bike to Sankar Kidani village near Bilaspur. There were already 2 men there joined by 3 more. These 6 sexually assaulted me and did the barbaric act through the night and threatened to kill if I tell this to anybody. But I managed to escape at around 6 in the morning and told my husband”, she said.


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