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Bahubali facing ban?


Pakistani people are also eagerly waiting for the release of Bahubali-2 and there has been a sort of movement in social media there to get the film released in the country. there was a news that the producers are showing interest to release there with growing popularity.

Most of the Indian films get released in Bangladesh and Pakistan and heroes like Sharukh have a huge following there. But, there are doubts whether Pakistan’s censor board will okay the film as there have been incidences where it has not permitted films promoting Hinduism.

Bajarangi Bhaijan was banned there for the same reason. But there are hopes that since the local youth is demanding the release, it may act in consideration. Time will tell whether it will allow the film or not.

Bahubali becomes India’s number one

Starring Prabhas, Rana, Anushka in the lead roles, the Mahishmati kingdom created by SS Rajamouli is creating ripples in the film industry of the country and its collections are unstoppable. While the actors made their mark in the hearts of millions of fans, the movie’s unprecedented run continues. While the first part collected 600 crores, pundits expect the second one to double that. there is a reason to believe so as the film broke the record of all time India hit PK (743 crores) in just 6 days.

Bahubali collected 792 crores in all languages in just 6 days. Getting tickets for the flick is still not easy even in the second week though the film got released in record number of theaters. Trade experts believe that it will collect 1000 crores in 10 days and might collect around 1500 crores in the full run, which will be impossible for any film to break in the near future.

Electricity from moon

Prominent scientist Sivathanu Pillai said that ISRO is in the process of launching a program to collect helium-3 from moon and that this project will be available by 2035. He was talking in a seminar for scientists in Salem. He said that Pramos missile is the fastest missile in the world at a speed of 3500 km per hour.

He said that ISRO is preparing to make 2 more missiles in continuance to Agni and Akash and efforts are on to reach the speed of 7000 km per hour in a missile. Saying that Russia, China and USA are conducting experiments to get helium-3 from moon and for that the mission of sending man to moon will get realized in 10 years and the production of electricity from moon will become reality by 2035.

Nirbhaya verdict: Defense lawyer’s sensational comments

AP Singh the defense lawyer in the Nirbhaya came out with some unbelievable comments post the verdict. He termed the judgment as against the nonviolence principles of Mahatma Gandhi and is sure injustice to his clients. He said that he will file a review petition after the 3-member bench upheld the death sentence given by a lower court.

“it is not correct to hang just in order to send a message to society. The verdict today killed the human rights and there has been no justice to us. We will first see the judgment and then file a review petition.” He was the one who once said that he will burn his daughter if she goes out in the night with a male other than her father or brother.


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