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Bahubali-2 Review


Presented by: K. Raghavendra Rao
Production: ARCA Media Works.
Cast: Prabhas, Anushka, Tamanna, Rana, Nasser, Satyaraj, Ramyakrishna, Subbaraju.
Music: MM Keeravani.
Camera: Senthil.
Story: Vijayendra Prasad.
Director: SS Rajamouli


The film stars where the prequel ended. Sivagami announces Amarendra as the heir after win over Kalakeya, which is not liked by Bijjaladeva and Ballaladeva and are hell bent for power. In order to know the people from near, Amarendra goes for a tour accompanied by Kattappa in disguise where he falls for Devasena (Anushka), the warrior princess of Kuntala. Devasena also reciprocates her love. On the other hand, knowing about this, Bhallala asks Sivagami to marry him to Devasena who rejects the alliance much to the anger of Sivagami. Bahubali brings Devasena to Mahishmati but was offered to choose either Devasena or kingdom and for the word given to Devasena he chooses her and sacrifices the throne to Bhalllaladeva and gets appointed as the chief of army. But not stopping there, Bhallaladeva hatches a plan by attempted murder on himself thereby creating suspicion in Sivagami’s mind about Bahubali who orders to kill him. Will Kattappa really kill him? How does Sivagami know the truth? How Sivudu faces the mighty Bhallaladeva and frees his mother forms the crux of the story.

Strengths: Story, emotional drama, music, background score, cinematography, VFXA.

Weaknesses: Length.

Prabhas as the protagonist is superb and Rana as the villain is just superb, which is the major highlight of the film. Ramyakrishna and Satyaraj were brilliant. There was ample dose of situational comedy in the first half and great emotional depth in the second, especially during Sivagami knowing the truth and killing of Amarendra Bahubali. Anushka was damn gorgeous. Tamanna’s role in the film is very limited. Subbaraju as Anushka’s cousin did well. Every scene in the film is a masterpiece in itself and the emotional depth that Rajamouli manages to get is emphatic. Songs and action scenes are very grand and take the movie making to the next level. Every scene was captured in a heart touching way that will keep you spellbound. Background score enhances the visual treat and takes it to another level. Cinematography by Senthil takes the film to the next level. All dialogues are neat. All war scenes make us feel proud as they take the film to Hollywood standards. Except the length of the film, everything is just a visual wonder. Go for it.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Twists like a suspense film

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Later, the village elders sorted out a truce between the two families and dinner without nonveg was agreed upon but to the utter dismay, the bride Nagma did not like to marry the groom. Another youth from the village came forward to marry her and everything ended happily as the families agreed for the new alliance.

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